Annual Report 2013

General Meeting of Shareholders

Shareholders may exercise their rights set forth in the company’s Articles of Association primarily by participating in the General Meeting. Holding the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is mandatory. In addition, extraordinary meetings may be held if so resolved by the Board of Directors or requested by the Revision Commission, auditor or shareholder(s) holding at least ten per cent of shares.

Shareholders holding at least two per cent of shares may put forward proposals as regards the agenda for the Annual General Meeting, propose candidates to the Board of Directors, the Revision Commission, and the Counting Commission, as well as convene Board of Directors meetings.

In 2013, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was held along with one extraordinary meeting. The meetings’ agenda included, inter alia, approval of the company’s annual report and annual financial statements, distribution of profits for 2012 and 1H 2013, election of the Board of Directors and the Revision Commission, auditor approval, and approval of related party transactions.