Annual Report 2013

Social partnership

Social activity is one of the cornerstones of our long-term development plans.

All TMK’s plants of the Russian, European and, partially, US Divisions build up partnership with employees in close cooperation with trade unions based on collective bargaining agreements and meet all obligations as responsible employers.

In 2013, the cost of all socially-focused activities, including collective bargaining agreements, across all the plants of the Russian, European and US Divisions totalled over 120 mln USD.

In 2013, above 2 thous. employees and their family members spent holidays in Sochi and above 250 employees in the Czech Republic

To promote employee health, the company continues to co-finance employee recreation at the Burgas Resort and health resort treatment at the Westend Resort (Czech Republic). In 2013, above 2,000 employees and their family members spent holidays in Sochi and above 250 employees in the Czech Republic.

It was the first year when Christmas shows were organised at TMK-ARTROM and TMK-Resita in Romania for employees’ children with theatrical performance staged in Slatina and Resita; this will become a tradition.

Conferral of the government, industry and corporate awards to the best employees is a key element of the non-financial incentive system. In 2013, nine employees were conferred government awards, 90 employees with industry awards, including 24 Honorary Metallurgist titles; 320 employees were conferred corporate awards, including the title of Honorary TMK Employee conferred on 60 employees and a TMK badge of merit awarded to 24 employees.

The company rewarded the 50 best employees with a free trip to the Sochi Olympics. Another 150 TMK employees used their right of discounted stay at Burgas, TMK’s corporate resort, during the Olympics and were able to take part in an unforgettable celebration of athletic excellence.